Dr. Damaris Drewry, Ph.D.: "The Human Voice in Energetic Healing"

This video is taken from Dr. Drewry's presentation: "The Human Voice in Energetic Healing" at the Energy Psychology Conference. This is about the power of the voice, (with Emotional Freedom Technique) and without words (Toning), to vocally change the frequency of the etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies so that healing can occur.  See how the vocal resonation of a person's Fundamental Frequency results in synchronization of left and right sides of the brain - in TWO minutes! This is the healing response! For information about private sessions, classes and wild dolphin swim retreat in August, 2007 - see www.damarisdrewry.com or call (520) 320-6366

The following is an excerpt from Dr. Drewry's article " What’s All the Jazz About Emotional Freedom Techniques™?" in the April/May issue of Arizona Choices Journal. You can find the Journal in many locations around Tucson, and you can also read it on line as an Adobe Reader pdf file.

With EFT you become your own therapist, and your EFT practitioner is your guide. Practitioners of basic EFT show you how to use the techniques so you can manage emotional distress and resolve your own problems and issues. Highly skilled practitioners help you resolve more complex issues.

Let’s add several body-mind principles together to explain how EFT works (in the author’s opinion):

(1) Did you ever notice that you’re not emotional about a past event unless you think about it? This is the window of opportunity for using EFT or other energy psychology modalities because, as Neurobiologist Candace Pert says, remembering a trauma or event triggers emotions that activate specific neural pathways and neural nets in the brain, releasing neuropeptides (chemical messengers) in the brain that instantaneously communicate new information to every cell in the body. This is a moment where true transformation can happen! How? Tiny electric signals go from your fingers through your acupuncture meridians straight to the area of the brain where the memory is stored, changes the chemical structure of the memory, and you immediately feel differently about a past event. Dr. Pert endorses EFT as being “at the forefront of the new healing movement.”

The only way to change a neural pathway is to interrupt the electrical process in the brain that created it in the first place – and recreates it every time we think about the same event!

So now you’re saying, “what the heck is a neural net?” A neural net is a web of neural pathways that “fire” together and “wire” together from a habitual way of thinking about a past event. That’s taken from the “Bleep” movie, but it comes from Hebb’s Law: if one neuron stimulates another neuron, the intensity of the connection between the two is strengthened. Example: let’s say a parent hits or belittles a child. The child will associate her love for the parent with disappointment, fear of repeated hurts, and feelings of low self-esteem: all four of those emotions create a web of neural pathways = a neural net. Then, whenever the child thinks about love, all of the other emotions ride along with it creating future relationship problems until the pattern is broken. This is a complex core issue but can be reframed in 2 or 3 sessions!

(2) Core Beliefs: are basic assumptions upon which our everyday thoughts and actions are based. Our thoughts create reality: physics and metaphysics are now seamlessly and scientifically joined together by quantum theory: shamans, secret societies and Einstein know that all there is in the universe is energy and matter is NOT solid at the atomic level, our bodies ARE vibrating energy patterns, and what we focus on causes possibilities to ‘collapse’ from energy patterns into matter and experience. So, if your basic assumptions (even if unconscious) about yourself are negative, experiences and events you draw into your life will be negative too.

Affirmations are great, but if you do them while you are tapping you will get much better results!

(3) EFT makes you responsible for your well-being: the way you see and talk to yourself, consciously and unconsciously, can make you sick or make you well; so when you are speaking during EFT, you speak words in the present tense and you emphasize self-acceptance. You cannot change anything about yourself until you first accept yourself the way you are.

Disease isn’t a thing that victimizes you, it’s a way of acting out your life. You may not want to recognize yourself as the source of your ailments, but until you do you are not in the ‘driver’s seat’ of your own vehicle. Remember: your body believes every word you say, positive or negative!