Phyllis Winslow on Energy Healing

Phyllis Winslow, an accomplished healer, talks about Energy Healing and EFT on Access Tucson's Life Innovations show.

Phyllis Winslow, LMT, is certified by the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and is an "EFT – Advanced" practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques. Ms. Winslow is the former Director of the Institute of Health and Healing, where she taught Energy Healing for 7 years. Now in private practice she uses a combination of EFT and energetic therapies to relieve physical pain and emotional issues. Phyllis Winslow includes the L.I.F.E. System as part of her energetic therapies.

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The following is an excerpt from Phyllis Winslow's article " Enhancing Your Awareness
and Healing Abilities
" in the June/July issue of Arizona Choices Journal. You can find the Journal in many locations around Tucson, and you can also read it on line as an Adobe Reader pdf file.

Let’s take a jump from the material world into the quantum holographic world. I took that jump back in the 1970’s. While deep in meditation, I decided to open my eyes ever so slightly. To my amazement as I gazed at the meditation leader I was able to see through him to the chair behind him. He was hazy and transparent. As he sat there cross-legged, I could see him, and at the same time I could see the ornate red cloth of the chair behind and under him.

In another instance I was attending a seminar with a Hawaiian Kahuna, Mornnah Simeona. While Mornnah was leading a meditation, again I opened my eyes. I could see two shimmering pillars of white light about a foot in diameter in front of and on either side of her. I also saw a rainbow of light over her head. As I watched they faded from view. Afterwards, Mornnah said that there had been seven pillars of light in the room placed there for protection.

What does this mean about our physical reality? What is real and what is not real? Can thoughts create things? How can we learn to transcend the limits of our linear minds, and gain access to information beyond time and three-dimensional space?

I believe that we are more than our physical body. As child I wondered where we went when we dreamed. I used to imagine I had an invisible self who would fly off to the sun, the planets and to other stars. Later when confronted with a debilitating illness I looked for answers elsewhere when traditional allopathic medicine did not help.

My own healing journey
Following a trip to the Yucatan in 1972, I became very ill. I seemed to recover, however, after my return I slid downhill, slowly becoming sicker and sicker. I experienced terrible pain in my abdomen, great anxiety and developed severe panic attacks. I went from doctor to doctor and when I wasn’t helped, finally came to explore alternative methods of healing. Twelve years later I found out that I had picked up a bad case of parasites in Mexico.

As the years went along I felt moved to study hands-on or energy healing. In1992 I graduated from the four-year Barbara Brennan School of Healing and was invited to continue for another year as a teacher trainee. Barbara Brennan is clairvoyant and an amazing healer. She wrote the book, “Hands of Light.”